Powder Flow Aids - Airsweep Systems Overview

Typical Airsweep® System

A typical Airsweep system consists of strategically-located Airsweeps, high-flow solenoid valves, electronic sequence controller and air receiver.

The system can operate independently or can easily integrate with other equipment or automation systems. Based upon flow requirements, system is set to sequentially pulse bursts of high-velocity air along the container wall. Up to an 8-foot diameter of material is dislodged with each pulse, promoting steady outflow.

Airsweep® Cutaway View
Shown: Model VA-51

Airsweep® vs. Competition
Compare Airsweep's Unique Features to Other Bin Dischargers Listed Below:

· Starts and moves materials fast
· First in, first out controlled flow
· Restores full bin capacity
· Safe, non-damaging to vessel
· Low air consumption
· Installed & serviced from outside of container
· Only one moving part
· Non-jamming design
· Sturdy, long-lasting
· Mounts to metal, concrete, fiberglass, etc.
· Operates above 900º F
· Virtually maintenance free
· Activates up to an 8'diameter of material per pulse



· Noisy
· Cause structural damage
· Ineffective with wet or sticky materials
· Poor reliability/frequent maintenance
· Higher equipment/operating costs
· Uncontrolled feed rates

· Effective radius is small
· Typically install from interior of vessel
· Ineffective with wet or sticky materials
· May cause wall abrasion
· High air use

· Damage or wear to vessel is likely
· Noise
· Do not work reliably in all conditions
· Not energy efficient

· High Costs, especially in retrofit
· Maintenance = big downtime
· Ineffective with wet or sticky materials

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