Magnet Sweeper FAQ

Is electricity supply required ?
· It uses permanent magnet, thus no electricity is required !

How long can the magnet last ?
· The magnetism weaken by 5-10% within 10 years. However, strong impact, electrical shock and high temperature will severely shorten the life span. Moreover, the magnet is enclosed in stainless steel shell, no rust and wear problem !

How to remove the metal chips after collected ?
· Simply by pulling the load release handle !

Is it very heavy to pull the handle ?
· The Magnet Sweeper is designed in consideration of female operator, pulling is light and easy !

How to throw the metal debrises ?
· Magnet Sweeper is for collection of floor debrise into one place,
you may transfer the collected debrises into waste bin by shovel !

Can it pick up aluminium chips ?
· Magnet can only pick up ferrous material, and not for Aluminium, Copper, and other non-ferrous. This bring advantage to the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous and further increase the value of scraps !

How strong is the magnet ?
· The magnet can pick up metal debrises at a height up to100mm.

What is the biggest piece it can pick up ?
· Magnet Sweeper is meant for collecting small iron pieces which other conventional Sweeper is not efficient. It is no problem to pick up the bigger pieces up 10kg or higher, however it is better to pick up manually.

Can we replace the wheel ?
· You can replace with any wheel that suit your situation.

Any warranty ?
· We provide one year warranty against the magnetism and all manufacturing defect. You may return it to us for free rectification and repair within the period.

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